Scheduler for iTunes

Create a schedule of iTunes playlists which are automatically played by iTunes at a given time.

With Scheduler for iTunes you can create a schedule of iTunes playlists.

The scheduled playlists are automatically played by iTunes at given time.

In addition you can set the volume either at the start point of a playlist or at any time as a scheduled command. Further you can schedule a stop command which does fade out and stop playing iTunes.

Use it at home to play your playlists in multi-rooms at scheduled times, in stores and restaurants to change volume and playlist matching to your customers or for internet radio.
+ AirPlay support, Multi room, Multi device
+ Multiple schedules with import, export, backup and restore functions
+ Displaying current track with artwork (if available)
+ Possibility to colorize tasks in list
+ Schedule search function
+ Switching automation mode on/off

Easy to use with all functions you need for timed playing including level setting for each device.

This application is designed to control iTunes 11 and 12.

This app is exclusively available in theMac App Store.