Professional SIP-IP-phone software for radio and TV production.

The Studiophone is a modern software telephone designed specifically for broadcast applications. Operation is intuitive via mouse or touch screen. The Studiophone is a pure software client according to the international SIP standard, which can be used with a variety of compatible telephone exchanges (PBX), routers and gateways.


– Integrated conference with a maximum of 30 simultaneous participants in the standard version.
– Call Recording in 48 kHz
– Phone book
– SIP 2.0 Standard

– G711
– G722
– OPUS Stereo
– Linear 32kHz
– Linear 48kHz

Operating systems:
– Windows 10
– macOS on request

Windows Standard WASAPI, USB-Interface or AoIP (Audinate Dante DVS or Ravenna)


All major SIP-PBX or SIP-Provider

– Ascotel/Aastra Intelligate
– Siemens HiPath
– Cisco CallManager
– Asterisk PBX
– Yeastar

– SIP 2.0

Use cases

Studio telephony
Listeners call the studio and the call will be broadcasted live or recorded.

Journalists can record interviews in the newsroom or in the studio and load recordings directly into the audio editor. Compatible with most automation systems.

Outside Broadcast
High Quality via OPUS enabled SIP server.