Micromedia Livewire MADI Node released

The MADI Livewire node interconnects MADI (AES-10) and Axia Livewire (AoIP). It’s a convenient solution to interconnect classic studio infrastructure like routers and consoles from Studer, Lawo, DHD, Klotz, Mandozzi and many more to the modern world of Axia Livewire Audio over IP (AoIP). It allows users to implement object-oriented broadcast production with classic studio environment.

It’s build as a professional 19″ hardware appliance with web-gui ready to go.

On one side the 64 MADI channels are presented as 32 Livewire Stereo channels in the Livewire network.

In addition to the well known Stream Modes “Live Stereo” (0.25 ms) and “Standard Stereo” (5 ms) the Livewire MADI node supports two new modes: “Medium Stereo” (2.5 ms) and “Fast Stereo” (1.25 ms).

On the other side 32 user selectable Livewire channels are multiplexed together to a standard MADI AES-10 stream.